Fun Facts About Bones

Bones play many roles. An adult skeleton usually consists of 206 bones. But what do all of those bones do?

10 Fun Facts About Bones

Here are 10 fun facts about your bones:

1. The Funny Bone Isn’t a Bone

Your funny bone is not an actual bone. It is the ulnar nerve inside your elbow.

2. How Broken Bones Heal

The damaged areas of the bone form together to make new, often even stronger, bone.

3. Not All Joints Move

While the joints in your knees move a lot, the joints in your cranium do not move.

4. The Shortest Bones

The stirrup bones in your middle ear are the shortest.

5. The Longest Bone

The femur (thigh bone) is the longest.

6. Bones are Alive

About every 7 years, you have a completely new skeleton because collagen in your bones replenishes itself.

7. Where You Have the Most Bones

You have 27 bones in each hand alone.

8. You Lose Bones

You are born with about 300 bones but only end up with about 200 because many bones fuse together as you grow.

9. How You Grew

As long as growth plates stay open, you grow. Growth plates at the end of long bones in your arms and legs are usually closed in your teen years.

10. Your Skeleton Works Many Jobs

Your skeleton protects your brain, heart, and lungs. It moves you. It manufactures blood cells and it helps your entire system function by storing and regulating minerals.

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