Ambulatory Surgery Center

Our Ambulatory Surgery Center

At The Orthopedic Clinic, we want you to live your best life in full motion. Sometimes this means having orthopedic surgery or pain management procedures. Our respectful, accomplished physicians perform many outpatient orthopedic surgeries and procedures at our state-of-the-art surgery center.

  • Cutting edge equipment in all patient care areas
  • Top-of-the-line patient monitors, C-Arm, and anesthesia equipment
  • Ultrasonic cleaner that pre-cleans and flushes instruments used in arthroscopy surgery
  • Brand new pre-op room, operating room, and recovery room for a comfortable patient experience
  • Expert surgical staff including physicians, physician assistants, and registered nurses

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Outpatient Surgical Procedures

Our Board-Certified surgeons and their dependable staff of physician assistants, registered nurses, and certified surgical technologists perform a wide range of quality outpatient orthopedic surgeries at the East Coast Surgery Center because it offers a convenient setting with all the advantages of a major hospital.

Some of the procedures that we perform include:

  • Shoulder arthroscopies
  • Knee arthroscopies
  • Partial knee replacements
  • Spine cases
  • Wrist fractures
  • Ankle fractures
  • Pain management procedures

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Committed to Excellence in Orthopedic Surgery and Pain Management

We understand it can be a difficult decision to have surgery or minimally invasive procedures. At The Orthopedic Clinic, we’re passionate about providing the best care possible. Our expert surgical staff is committed to getting you back to doing the things you love, because that’s what it means to live your best life in full motion.

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