What is an Orthopedic Emergency

When you’ve been injured — whether from a contact sport or auto accident — there are hundreds of questions flooding your mind. Can you move? How injured do you feel? Do you need medical attention? The questions seem endless, and these only scratch the surface. While some injuries may result in minor bumps and bruises, others can be more extreme. How do you know which injuries need immediate orthopedic care and which can be put off until your next doctor visit? And, what defines an emergency?

What are orthopedic emergencies?

Orthopedic injuries often involve the hips, knees, spine, shoulders, or other joints. They can range from chronic pain to fractures. But, when it comes to injuring these parts of the body, what is considered an emergency?

An orthopedic emergency is typically any injury that requires immediate physician care. The most common include:

Most orthopedic emergencies are the result of a sudden acute injury or trauma, but they can also be complications from an existing condition or recent surgery. This is often the case with joint infections, swelling that blocks blood from flowing, blood clotting, or re-injuring a damaged bone or tissue.

ER vs Urgent Care vs Walk-In Clinic

When you or a loved one have been injured, you have a lot of options for where to seek treatment. But, how do you know which place is the right facility for your situation? If your loved one is unconscious due to an accident or sports injury, you should call 911 immediately and visit an emergency room. If time is of the essence, and your life is in danger, an ER visit is better suited to fit your needs.

Although walk-in clinics and urgent care facilities provide practically the same care, orthopedic walk-in clinics specialize in orthopedic care. That means you’ll see and receive care from specialists trained specifically in orthopedic emergencies. An orthopedic walk-in clinic — like what The Orthopedic Clinic has — also carries a wider selection of inventory including boots, slings, braces, and more solutions in a variety of different sizes.

Checklist: Is my injury an orthopedic emergency?

  • Do you think you’ve broken a bone?
  • Are you having trouble using a limb, or does it seem out of place/not properly aligned?
  • Do you suddenly have a swollen joint?
  • Do you have osteoporosis and suddenly feel more pain?
  • Is your pain increasing?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should seek orthopedic care immediately. Answering yes can indicate fractures and other complications, and are considered orthopedic emergencies.

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